Across places and people, the timeless versatility of denim is understated. In an ode to Denim, the fabric is re-imagined across boundaries of softness and structure, durability and lightness. Varied shades of blue are interspersed with bold patterning, each carefully hand-woven, mirroring an equally timeless process.

The hand-loom sounds through the room in a rhythmic clank, up and down, left and right. There is a certain charm that hand-weaving adds to the denim, a character of texture and unevenness. The blue of the indigo is woven in a distinctive slanted pattern, a twill, the weave that defines the denim. Lifting the treadles in specific arrangements, a single thread passes through. Inch by inch, the weft threads fill up, interlacing with the warp, to create the fabric. Off the loom, the fabric is carefully stitched into garments that speak of the deliberation in the process, in garments that appreciate the fabric and its wearer.