Festive Fashion: Sustainable Culture Reigns Over, this Diwali Season OR Make a Sustainable Fashion Statement This Diwali

As we usher into a New Year with Diwali approaching, we continue with our quest for happiness, prosperity, and freedom from the ills and evils. Every Diwali, we renew our existence by cleaning and lighting up our homes, and surrounding, and whipping up sweets and dishes.

The festival that is celebrated with lights marks the victory of the good over evil, light over dark and knowledge over ignorance. And while this festival is celebrated with uncontrolled fervor and enthusiasm, it is a collective realization that the real intention behind this festival has taken a back seat. Sadly, it has shortened to piles of firecracker waste, extravagant electric décor, and endless shopping.

So, as informed citizens of this lovely planet, let us emulate and transform our traditional practices to bring the concept of sustainability back. This year, let's shout out for a cleaner, greener, and eco-friendly Diwali by transforming fashion.

Taking up eco-friendly practices has become an urgent need rather than a trend. With clothing being an important part of the Diwali celebrations, it is crucial to realize its impact on the environment as a whole.

From material to market, from design to merchandising, from the closet to catwalk, fashion has become fast. The detrimental effects of fashion on our earth are widely visible now. In such a scenario where mindful resource utilization and wastage control has become necessary, it’s time to embrace the intricacy of handcrafted and eco-conscious fashion. This requires the use of eco-friendly materials, processes, and practices by both manufacturers and customers. Garments that are made using fibre which can be recycled back into fibre leave less carbon footprint.

Supporting and encouraging India’s commitment towards sustainable and environmental-friendly fashion, our new collection Samanthi is for conscious fashion enthusiasts out there. Crafted with love and a lot of care, the collection was designed and planned to reduce the carbon footprint on the earth.

Translating into Marigold, it encompasses transitory hues of orange, yellow, and rust representing different moods of women. The collection is a fashion's ode to the inner strength of women, and their will power to make a difference in society.


Synonymous with Sustainable, effortless, and chic, the collection is a perfect amalgamation of colours, patterns, and prints to bring you a festive yet free-spirited outfit. Fine chanderi and tissue silk, enhanced with beautiful block print marigold motifs make for the perfect attire this festival season. The collection brings to you an eco-friendly fabric that is naturally derived.

Samanthi lets you celebrate the season of colours with beautiful and mesmerizing prints. The collection is designed and styled three ways in wide-ranging pastel hues with marigold motifs.

When you switch from fast fashion to eco-conscious choices, you embrace your wardrobe more. So, pick your avatar and ring in this festival of lights with Samanthi. A beautiful twist to your regular dressing, Nool by Hand lets you give back to nature more consciously. Make an ecofriendly fashion statement with Nool and let your clothes represent your strength this Diwali season.

So grab our collections for the latest dresses for women. This Diwali, let's not just light up our surroundings, let's enlighten ourselves too, to live a sustainable, happy, and longer life.