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Posted on July 13 2020

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The Kiran Dent Gold Print Coat is all kinds of fancy given the classic colors and techniques employed to create the form-fitted top. This interesting piece can be worn as a top as well as a shrug for women online. Complete with front open gold buttons, the fabric comes in Nool by Hand’s signature white Dent FabricThis smart fitted top is printed in gold metallic with an abstract and intricate woven design.

Vertical and horizontal dotted lines interconnect in parts similar to that of a weave. The three-quarter sleeves have a gold print detail at the sleeve ends. This form-fitted top has a tight fit at the bust and waist.
The fabric is 100% cotton and hand-woven has a light and breathable feel to it. The jacket or top is called a dent jacket because of the woven effect it has.

Nool By Hand’s Cotton Dent Fabric.

On observing closely, you will find that the fabric has alternating vertical lines on the fabric. This is a result of weaving the dent texture wherein the warp threads are distributed in a manner where alternating sections of warp ends are the same. The fabric varies in count in vertical lines wherein odd sections of the fabric may be of a higher count and even sections of the fabric of a lower count.

This texture is achieved through the denting process during the setting up the loom for weaving. The warp threads are distributed unevenly in an alternating manner through the reed in order to achieve this effect.

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Nool By Hand employs over 15 handloom weavers who tirelessly create unique handwoven fabrics such as this dent fabric. Chennimalai, a traditional handloom cluster in the textile haven of Erode, Tamil Nadu, is responsible for some sensational woven fabric. These fabrics are all results of skillful labor and love.
Buying Handmade Clothing is not only sustainable for the environment in general but it also has a social aspect to it. Championing these textiles and garments means empowering the craftsmen and the craft itself.


A reed is part of a weaving loom and resembles a comb. It is used to neatly separate the warp threads such that they don’t overlap or clutter with one another. It also guides the shuttle’s motion across the loom to push and secure the weft threads into the fabric.

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The reed is held by a beater and consists of a frame with vertical slits. Both the wires and the slots in the reed are known as dents. After going through the heddles, the warp threads pass through the dents before becoming woven fabric.
The number of dents per inch indicates the number of gaps in the reed per linear width.

The number of warp thread end by the width of woven fabric determines the fineness of the cloth. The dent fabric is woven by alternating volumes of warp ends which creates the vertical striped look.


Jackets for women can be found in all kinds of styles like a Bomber Jacket, Peplum Jacket, Denim Jackets, Drape Jackets, Unconstructed Jackets, and so on. These garments help accentuate your casual look into a more stylish one. The Kiran dent jacket does exactly that.

Shrugs for women often vary in length and are typically too long or a touch too short. But the Kiran Gold print Jacket is just the perfect length and fits like a glove.
You can style this look with simple blue jeans and neutral or beige wedges for a regular day at work. The same look paired with a large colorful bag can also work well as evening wear.

You can team the top with straight cut pants for an ensemble that can seem effortless yet professional. It can also be paired with a pencil skirt or any straight fit skirt for a more feminine vibe.

There’s no need to worry about layering this piece during summer. You can go ahead and team this jacket with any top because of the light, breathable material of the fabric.
As a jacket, you can pair it with a wide round neck T-shirt or a spaghetti strap top in any solid neutral shade for a chic vibe. Paired with black skinny jeans or ankle-length slim-fit pants, the look would stand out as elevated casual wear.

You can also wear this jacket with a plain white top and basic slim fit Pants, with any pair of high heels for an effortless look that is sure to impress.
You can wear minimalistic golden accessories like earrings, rings, neckpieces, or bracelets that could work well with this look as it matches the print on the fabric.

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