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Posted on July 29 2020

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Subtle, elegant and, neatly crafted, this textured dobby number doubles as an evening dress on a rainy day and also transforms into a long Kurti for women. Lively and graceful, the pink, purple and blue colors work wonderfully together. Easy to throw on and add a mist of charm to your day.

This simple A-Line Dress is a minimal dobby woven design. The straight fit dresses also work as a kurtis for women. Fitted at the bust and waist, the dress flares slightly at the bottom. In a vibrant purple and pretty pink, this dress is subtle yet lively.

 Pleated Dress

With a three-quarter sleeve and boat neckline, the length of this dress is average as the hemline and reaches the knees. Beautiful pleats neatly falling to one side of the dress complete this brilliantly crafted piece. This dress is complete with a dark blue side strap.

Doubling as a long Kurti for women, this exceptional fabric is skillfully designed on a dobby shedding device and handwoven on a handloom to interweave fine-drawn warp and weft cotton yarns. This handcrafted piece is a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe.


You can wear the Violet Side Pleated Dress by Nool by Hand as an evening dress for tea at the café. A simple scarf or stole in a deep purple or radiant pink can work incredibly well with this dress. Worn around the neck or tied in a standard knot, it would truly live the ensemble.

Pleated Dress

For an ethnic yet sophisticated look, you can pair the long Kurti for women with straight cut palazzos or Cotton Pants and a matching dupatta. White straight fit cotton pants could work well with this attire and make the Kurti stand out. You can complement the look with a similar toned blue. A pair of bottoms and a dupatta in this could elevate this look.

You can team the textured piece in neutral and solid shades. As the top is in a multihued appearance, printed bottoms would be too dramatic and take away from the significance of the top. Another option would be to pair the bottoms in the same or matching color as the top. Some colors that would work well this piece are deep purple, magenta, dark blue, and so on.

As far as shoes go, high heels, kitten heels, flatforms, wedges, and stilettos will add an edge to this look and transform the outfit for a more sophisticated setting. For a casual day out, you can pair the dress when with ballet flats, peep-toe flats and sandals in a neutral shade.

Satchels, side sling bags small to medium size purses and clutches are the way to go. Oversized, heavily printed bags may tend to overpower this look. Simple leather goods will add a sophisticated edge to the ensemble.


Dobby is a shedding device placed on top of a loom in order to produce figure patterns by controlling the movement of the heald shaft. The word Dobby is derived from the word ‘Draw boy’ which refers to the weaver’s helpers who used to control the warp threads by pulling on the draw threads. Dobby looms were first seen in 1843 nearly 40 years after the Jacquard loom was discovered. Dobby is characterized by small geometric patterns and highly textured fabric.

At Nool by hand, we use the handloom for weaving fabrics in Dobby. Treadles are located at the bottom of the loom and are designed to control warp shed function by controlling the up and down movement of the heddles. The weavers pedal on the treadles using their feet for shed formation.

The shed on the handloom is controlled manually by giving the right amount of pressure to the treadles using the feet. It is an immensely difficult job that requires a high level of skill. The weft is inserted using a shuttle that moves back and forth, it needs to be yanked manually as well. The back and forth motion of the shuttle creates this brilliant fabric


At Nool by hand, we employ 15 handloom weavers who are all exceptional at their craft. Determined to bring you the best of fabric, we work endlessly to create different combinations of material. We deliver on quality, style, and sustainability. Our goal is to elevate the humble handwoven fabric and have it reach to all parts of the world.

Pleated Dress

All of our pieces are all results of hard labor and love. Hands that create these pieces through hard work deserve to be rewarded. Buying handmade clothing is not only sustainable for the environment in general but it also has a social aspect to it. We need to keep this sensational craft alive. Championing these textiles and garments means empowering the craftsmen and the craft itself. You can shop our stunning long Kurti with palazzo online through the website.


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