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Nool (Tamil for Thread) is an apparel and home furnishing label tucked away, off National Highway 47, in Erode (pronounced Ee-rode), in the heart of South India.The Nool label grew out of an imperative need to sustain handloom weaving – a craft on the verge of extinction.

The world is waking up to handlooms and we see this as an opportunity to sustain the craft. 

Through Nool we have created a permanent weavers studio and we hope to sustain a group of weavers by providing them with a steady income and a continuous flow of work.The products designed and produced by Nool are world-class quality clothing for women and men that are stylish, easy to wear and easy to maintain.Nool, or thread, is the language of our existence.

From the rhythm of the handloom to the dexterity of the tailors’ stitch. We hope to create a family of Nool lovers who believe in things handwoven, practical and beautiful in every sense of the word.


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