Twist on the traditional!

Nool is a dream born out from a greater vision of reviving the art of handloom weaving in a small village of Chennimalai. Chennimalai is a village near Erode in the State of Tamilnadu. The village was once the hub for around 100,000 weavers, which now only has 5000 odd weavers. With its strong textile heritage, Chennimalai was once a flourishing village, producing some of the finest handloom sheeting in jacquard, dobby and plain weaves.

Twist on the traditional    


But today, with the influx of power looms and the threat of commercialization, it presents a different scenario. Only a handful of artisans remain here, devoted to their art. With the realization that generations of weavers, their invaluable skills, knowledge and entire way of life is now rapidly declining and is on the verge of extinction. 

Such was the situation when Nool was born. Through Nool we have created a permanent weavers studio and we hope to sustain a group of weavers by providing them with a steady income and a continuous flow of work. The products designed and produced by Nool are world-class quality clothing for women and men and are easy to wear and easy to maintain.

At present, 20 artisans work with us. They are given yearlong employment. They work in a green building, well ventilated and solar powered. They work from 9-6 and the ultimate aim is to make them feel proud of the trade they are involved in and bring the next generation choose this as a viable career option.

Nool brings about the marketing and the design intervention that was lacking in the cluster. Multiple designer talents, both established and upcoming, from all over India are involved in the Nool designing process.

We are a friendly bunch here, so please feel free to approach us and you are welcome anytime to visit our artisans and us!!

Nool aims at impacting as many weaving lives as possible and YES, please join hands with us in the beautiful journey!! Welcome to NOOL family!!