Our Story

Nool (“Thread” in Tamil language) is a clothing brand born out of the love and passion to create thoughtful clothing for the conscious consumer who strives to carve a niche for themselves in this contemporary world. Nool is all about wearing the consciousness.

At Nool sustainable fabrics woven on handloom and power loom are used and are meticulously embellished with unique dobby and jacquard patterns, block prints, embroidery, digital prints, batik prints and various traditiona l textile techniques.

The handwoven fabrics are woven at Nool’s very own weaver’s studio built as a breakthrough innovative facility to encourage handloom weavers of a particular cluster called Chennimalai, near Erode, Tamilnadu. There are 20 artisans working with Nool at the moment. The LEED green certified facility is completely solar powered and 1000 trees have been planted with the goal to make it a holistic campus for handloom weaving. The motto to do so is to bring back the dignity and pride for the weavers for their own profession which seems to have been lost. The other embellishments are done through ethical fair trade partners.

Nool focuses on the experience of the wearer than just the clothing. Every aspect of the process of creation from sourcing, designing and manufacturing revolves around creating a beautiful and conscious experience for the wearer.


We share snippets from behind the scenes - the people, process and all that which inspires us on the Nool Journal.



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