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Sonal Vengurlekar Review on Nool By Hand


I've grown comfortable with nool by hand

Nardhdhana Ramprasath Review on Nool By Hand


Totally in love with Indra violet from noolbyhand.

Madhumitha Review on Nool By Hand

@madhumitharam- MADHUMITHA

Comfortable pants and lovely cold shoulder top from nool by hand. Love how they fit and how Perfect they are for hot summer days.

Manasi Shridhar Review on Nool By Hand

@moi_personal - MANASI SRIDHAR

Two weeks in India with him was just what we needed- to be enjoying the sun, to walk in sandals, small simple pleasures, I miss you home, until next time From a happy mom loving to be in cotton, you can’t see much of the top bit it’s such a subtle yet solid one from noolbyhand.

Mahima Review on Nool By Hand

@whimsytales - MAHIMA

My newest label love, nool wants to encourage and protect the art of handloom weaving in India. They are also helping a group of weavers in Chennimalai, Tamil Nadu, by way of a permanent weavers studio to provide them with a steady income. I am quite enjoying this button down, handwoven cotton skirt from their new kattam collection, kattam meaning “checks” in tamil..

Nessy Samuel Review on Nool By Hand

@wanderingoyster - NESSY SAMUEL

I Bookmarked this outfit by noolbyhand for a couple of months and completely forgot about it. One fine day I saw them on a sale sent an enquiry by email, received a quick response and was informed they wanted to check if the fabric was in stock, I was lucky as they had enough fabric to make a dress. A very quick turn around and shipping . I was absolutely in love with the cotton fabric against my skin, hailing from Chennai, Tamil Nadu I literally live in cotton fabric. This dress when I received them was such a pleasure to wear dressed u or dressed down perfect for the tri to Amalfi as the weather was very humid.

Aarabi Veeraraghavan Review on Nool By Hand


I had the pleasure of seeing this very same fabric being woven on the noolbyhand looms in chennimalai earlier this year and actually had a chat with the weaver who was at work on that loom. He was one of he senior artisans and we were told that it took a person of great skill to be able to painstakingly execute this weave. As for the design of the dress, it’s relaxed, chic and absolutely gorgeous! 😍 Their sizing on this line seems to be a bit more generous (I am in a size small here) which I LOVE because I think it accentuates the drape and fall of the design so very well but if you prefer a fitted silhouette do have a chat with them before you order.

Sunitha Scharma Review on Nool By Hand

@sunithascharma - SUNITHA SCHARMA

Protea. The dress you need this summer. I recently got this beautiful dress in lilac-purple colour from noolbyhand. It is a handloom brand that produces extremely comfortable cotton dresses, tunics, etc

Jayshree subramanian Review on Nool By Hand

@thevanillabeanstalk - JAYASHREE SUBRAMANIAN

Wore this top from your collection today and just love how comfortable it was and looked great too.


Hello there! Sharing some pics of me wearing the dress I got from nool got a chance to wear it to work the other day and god do I love it! I absolutely love love the fit/material - basically everything. Great customer service as well looking forward to shopping some more from you guys :) And yes you can share this in social media I don’t have a problem. Recently purchased 2 dresses and needless to say love love both of them So happy with my purchase looking forward to shopping more.


Thanks for such a beautiful dress


Here is the dress I got from you... Thanks much!

@Pushkar Pinglay

I got the courier! And love love love all the pieces. The fit is perfect, thank you! Took the first of the awesomeness out this weekend! Loved the sheer comfort!

@Marinaponnu - Shema Rajarathinam

Thank you for sending this beauty across exceeded my expectations.Can't wait to wear it.


Something old that is actually new

@shilpa bhatt

Loved the colours!




The dress was amazing! bright, cheery and perfect for the summer. Loved wearing it




Love the denim wave skirt



Hi, team nool! I am a big fan of your collection and waiting for my next trip to India to visit your store and shop all my favourites.

Nayanthara - Celebrity

We got this photo from google


Hello! Many belated thanks for the linen shirt, I love it :)


I have been stalking your site forever and finally ordered the "sassy linen shirt". Wore it for an evening out and I absolutely love it! 😍 Fits perfectly and is soooooo comfortable, classy and like the name says, totally "sassy". Love your collection! Keep up the awesome work!


Oh In fact I am on one of my fav dresses from you right now


Thank you for this beauty..enjoyed wearing this dress today as a kurta


Finally updating some details of my wardrobe from the trip. I picked up this dress from @nool_by_hand hoping to layer it multiple times over before stepping out. Thankfully wore it on a day when I didn’t need a jacket. I love the colour and cut. It was perfect for that cold yet not so cold kind-a day. Also they tweaked the sleeves for me and it was perfect. If you know me you know how much I hate long sleeves. So yay! It worked and looked gorgeous. Thank you guys.


Celebrity aditi balan




I bought this top/Jacket from you a few months back. I am totally in love with it 😍 Looking forward to shopping more from you :)


I don’t generally wear dresses, but this impulse purchase turned out better than I hoped! Huge shout out to @nool_by_hand for this amazing piece. I just love that their designs are so unique!


A little breeze gives me the opportunity for a Mariamma Monroe capture 😂 I love the fall and weight of this Cotton Saree, but it’s the little details like the extra long tassels on the end that clinch it for me. Swipe left for a closer look at the pattern and the tassels



I am in love with this dress. keep doing the good job u guys are rocking


A skirt you can pull off with anything, and be super comfortable






You are doing a wonderful job❤️ My mother in law loved it and my mom who generally doesn’t approve dresses also loved it


Wore this dress to a family dinner yesterday!! Super super comfortable. Keep making more of these dresses!-



Here are more pictures of this gorgeous blue handwoven cotton dress with coconut buttons from @nool_by_hand, which I wore yesterday. I love the colour and the way it falls on me and the length is just perfect AND it has pockets! What's not to love?❤️"


My newest label love, 'Nool' wants to encourage and protect the art of handloom weaving in India. They're also helping a group of weavers in Chennimalai {in Tamil Nadu} by way of a permanent weavers studio to provide them with a steady income. It'll be really nice if you could check out their products on I am quite enjoying this button down, handwoven cotton skirt from their new Kattam collection, kattam meaning 'checks' in Tamil.




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