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Posted on July 20 2020

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Weddings and occasions are constantly right around the corner. The pressure to have the perfect look ready is a nerve-racking experience. The perfect look needs to be opulent, modest, and unique and elaborate all at the same time. Worry not! The blue Sitabell dress from Nool by Hand is here to save the day!

Embroidery Kurtis for Women

Handwoven in Linen, the outfit is fitted at the top and the bust and flares from the waistline. The Anarkali dress can be worn both as a dress as well as a Kurti. The piece is designed with a full-length pair of sleeves and a Chinese Collar neckline. Coconut shell buttons run vertically down the dress.

The dress length is of average length as the hemline ends a few inches below the knees. An intricate paisley motif is repeated horizontally at the hemline and the sleeves of the dress, the design is white in color and embroidered.

Apt for occasions like parties, weddings, and functions, you can dazzle in this stunning number. You can also wear the dress in a professional setting like a corporate lunch. Embroidery Kurtis is often seen embellished in the top half; around the neck and chest area bust, this deep Indigo outfit has embroidery detail at the bottom of the dress which elevates the look to that of a professional one.


An embroidery is an ancient form of needlework that has been used all over the world to embellish textiles for decorative and communicative reasons. In terms of form and aesthetics, embroidery adds color, texture, richness, and dimension. Used on clothing, it revealed the wearer’s wealth, social status, ethnic identity, and belief.

Embroidery Kurtis for Women

 Typically, embroidery is executed in threads of cotton, wool, or silk or linen but may also incorporate other materials such as beads, quills, metal, shells, and even feathers. Some materials, techniques, and stitches occur across many cultures, while many others remained specific to the region.

Embroidery in India was practiced in different settings and different levels of society. Both men and women worked in professional workshops, while women embroidered at home for domestic use and recreation. Additionally, producing Embroidery at home for sale had been a means of economic sustenance for women in many cultures across the world.

As of today, embroidery continues to remain a vibrant component of a dress. In the global marketplace, designers and consumers may choose from an infinite variety of world traditions. For instance, Mirror work and white work (chikkankari) were absorbed into western fashion trends of the 1970s, and have periodically resurfaced as a trend in clothing and home textiles.

 Embroidery has continued to remain as a pervasive element of couture and has an enormous influence on ready to wear. As machine embroidery is growing more complex and sophisticated by the day, a thriving industry has grown around the provision of custom hand embroidery as a means of personalizing a garment.


Dyed in a deep Indigo, you can wear this dress as it is and team it with a pair of peep-toe kitten heels (as seen in the picture). Carry a minimal clutch in metallic shades like silver, rose gold, and white pearl to make a statement. 

Embroidery Kurtis for Women

Kurtis for women online is often seen in bright hues of pink, orange, red, and yellow. You can stand out to impress in this indigo colored piece that is majestic and opulent.

The Women's Kurtis Online works as an Indian outfit and can be teamed with the perfect straight cut pants in a white shade that goes with the embellished detail on the Kurti. You can also go with a pair of slim-fit palazzo pants in silk.

You can pair contrasting pieces as bottoms for this embroidery kurtis for women. For instance, a light mint green, slim fit bottom, and a matching lightweight dupatta would work well as a complete look. Also, a metallic silver fabric as bottoms and a ‘Dupatta’ would complement and elevate this look in terms of grandeur.

Because the Kurti is large and flared at the bottom half, this style works best for the pear-shaped body type. Although the style works on almost all body types, it is tailor-made for the triangular-shaped body.


We at Nool by Hand sell these stunning Ladies Kurti OnlineEmploying traditional artisans and keeping age-old techniques alive is our forte. These pieces are all results of hard labor and love. Hands that create these pieces through hard work deserve to be rewarded. Buying handmade clothing is not only sustainable for the environment in general but it also has a social aspect to it.

Championing these textiles and garments means empowering the craftsmen and their craft itself. The craft of handloom weaving and the craft of hand embroidery are labor-intensive, highly skilled professions. It takes years of commitment and dedication in order to execute these skills thereby making these garments precious and worth it.


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